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Souls of the Forsaken is currently only recruiting lost souls, worn and need of a new home.
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Souls of the Forsaken is a small haven for those who have become wearied by drama and politics; a secluded little hamlet offering serenity to troubled souls who wish simply to progress, group, and are driven to seek those with common interests.  We are determined to remind ourselves and each other of the relationships, challenges, and rewards that have drawn us all to battle in the World of Norrath for so many years.

Welcome, friends and allies; be at peace. 

~Cattyra Vamphyrii

Guild News

Underfoot Armor!

Cattyra, May 21, 10 4:52 PM.
Greetings, boys and gals =) I'm currently in the process of adding comparison pages for the armor drops from group UF zones: T6~Sterillite, T7~Celestrium, T8~Vitallium, T9~Damascite. Most of the information will continue to be updated over time, as they get revealed =) 

Check in often, don't want you to miss the new information available =)

Greetings all =)

Cattyra, May 20, 10 2:58 PM.
All of the information gathered on this site is primarily a collaboration of intell drawn from the class specific forums and links to the left, as well as from familiar information databases such as Allakhazam's, Samanna, and Rasper's Repository, as well as from personal friends of mine all around Norrath.  I'd like to post a personal thank you to all of those who have dedicated their time and energy to keeping us all well informed. Many new updates to our forums coming in the next few weeks.

Happy hunting!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Cattyra, May 18, 10 9:18 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
We salute you, Forsaken!
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